with Meditation and Visualisation.


9.30am to 4.00pm
The barn workshop Pewsey SN9 5BP

Are you living the life you REALLY want to live? Do you really KNOW what life you want?

Well, the great news is we CAN manifest the life we desire, by co creating with the energy of the universe, the energy that is all around you!
But all to often human beings manifest what they don’t want… why ? Because we often focus on the negative and what we DON’T want rather than what we DO want…and here’s the thing….we get what we focus on! Simple!

In this one day workshop we will meditate to get clear on our intentions and what we really want to manifest. We will meditate to CLEAR our limiting beliefs that hold us back and allow our true desires to surface from our heart. When we meditate/feel from our heart, and get our over-thinking, crazy mind out of the way, we are often surprised by what comes up!
We will then create our own personalised vision board for our dream life!

This is fun…… you can use pictures, photos, quotes, fabric, whatever you like! your boards can be neat and ordered or whacky and busy. They can be about your personal life, your work life or a mixture of both ….the choice is yours!

We will the use the wonderful, powerful tool of Visualisation to learn the HOW of manifesting what is on our boards! Learn to own your fears, your deep yearnings your dreams and desires.

So join me for a transformational day of self discovery, creativity, clarity and conscious decision making. You will experience Meditation, Visualisation, Creativity, Manifesting, Rest and Relaxation and Music.

The cost of this workshop is £75.00 to include tea/ coffee and healthy snacks on arrival, all refreshments throughout the day, a light lunch, your A4 boards and magazines from which to find inspiration. You will leave with your very own personalised vision board, clarity on the way forward and a sense of knowing your deeper self that little bit better!


If you would like to set this space and time aside for yourself, please ring/text on 07787 243480 or email me at to reserve your space, or to ask any questions.