I invite you to come and sit with me for a time of connection and quiet.
I invite you to turn down the volume and sit in a space of peace, with the aim of creating calm in our busy lives.
I invite you to come and connect with yourselves at a deep level, to get to know yourselves and to nourish your mind, body and soul.
I invite you to turn chaos into calm and to experience a positive shift that will carry on into your everyday lives.

What to expect

• A warm welcome
• Group meditation
• Mindful moments
• Visualisations to achieve healing, gratitude, health and happiness in our lives
• Rest time to beautiful music
• Herbal tea and refreshments


The dates for these sessions of ‘space and stillness’ are as follows.

7.30PM to 9.00PM
17th September
8th October
12th November
10th December

9.30AM to 11.00AM
6th September
20th September
4th October
18th October
1st November
15th November
29th November
13th December


These sessions take place in my barn workshop in the heart of Pewsey and are £10.00 each. I do require prepayment to secure your place.
You can pay via PayPal, Carol Dodson, or BACS.Account details on request.
To book your place or to ask any questions please email me on or ring/text on 07787 243480

You can mix up evening and day sessions….You can book one session or all the sessions! The choice is yours. But please let me know which sessions you would like to attend as soon as possible as I am limited to 10 per session. If you commit to the sessions and cannot make one, I cannot refund the money but I will offer you alternative dates.

In today’s modern, fast moving , busy world we are only as strong as our ability to connect, firstly (and most importantly) with ourselves and then with each other and our community. We all know someone who needs a little less stress and more ‘calm’ in their lives , so please do pass this information on…

I am looking forward to sitting with you!